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Porcelain Crowns Santa Monica

Porcelain crowns are used to strengthen teeth that have been weakened from decay, root canal therapy or trauma.  They are also used in cosmetic dentistry techniques to improve upon a person’s smile.

The procedure for a porcelain crown involves two stages. The first stage is where the tooth is prepared for the placement of the crown.  Impressions are taken from which molds are made.

The dental lab then uses these molds to fabricate the crown. A shade guide is used to determine the coloring of surrounding teeth in order to best match the crown to your other teeth.  A temporary crown is then placed until the permanent crown returns from the dental lab.

The second step is where the temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown is cemented on. The porcelain crown looks just like a natural tooth in shape, size, and coloring.

It will blend in well with your other teeth. With good oral hygiene, porcelain crowns will last many years before they will need to be replaced.