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Veneers Santa Monica

Veneers Santa MonicaA veneer is used frequently in cosmetic dentistry. They are a thin covering of porcelain or resin that slides over the front surface and edges of the tooth. They can be used on the lower or upper front teeth.

The reason why porcelain veneers are common is because they are designed to mask or correct flaws, hide stains and tooth chips, and produce an even, more uniform look to your teeth.

A veneer can improve the appearance of crooked, jagged, short and narrow teeth, including closing gaps between them.

Discolorations that are deep within teeth can be hard to mask. Veneers work well to hide deep discolorations as well as surface stains on a tooth.

The procedure consists of two steps. The first step is where impressions are taken to make molds that the lab uses to fabricate the veneers. The tooth is prepared and a temporary veneer is placed.  Step 2 is the removal of the temporary veneer and cementing of the permanent one.